Noogra Nuts

Noogra Nuts 2.0.8

Juggle, crack and eat


  • Great for short sessions
  • Fun gameplay
  • Good visuals


  • One type of gameplay

Very good

Noogra Nuts is a quick play arcade game requiring players to juggle different nuts to gain points and multipliers.

With a simple premise, Noogra Nuts favors simple, but strangely addictive gameplay. Players are required to juggle different nuts in the air using the accelerometer to move a small squirrel around the screen and a one-touch control to jump and gain as many points as possible in 120 seconds.

This gameplay can create long combinations of head-butting nuts into the air as they crack open to expose the seed inside. The skill of Noogra Nuts is to create long strings of nuts for multipliers. Each type of nut has a different number of hits to crack and that increases the challenge.

Noogra Nuts uses a cartoon style which adds to the arcade visuals. It is nothing technically impressive, but works perfectly for the game. The sound as well fits, but do not expect anything other than repetitive music. It is not distracting and works well.

The game uses a timer to countdown each play so the goal is to increase the score each time. Noogra Nuts does have a small learning curve and it will take some practice to start juggling multiple nuts at once. It is a quick pick-up-and-play, perfect for short sessions.

Noogra Nuts is a fun game that requires skills, but focuses on simple gameplay.

Christmas update


  • Christmas update
Noogra Nuts


Noogra Nuts 2.0.8

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